Molly McCarroll, Founder


Throughout a 12 year career with the federal government, Molly found herself increasingly looking for ways to have more energy, less pain, and less stress in her everyday life without adding to an already busy schedule anchored by a full-time job and a full slate of personal interests.  Her quest led her to explore fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that would actually improve her life, not just deplete her bank account and overwhelm her calendar.  She is passionate about helping others discover their own tools to thrive and energy to accomplish all of their dreams.

Molly is an accredited personal trainer, image consultant, and teacher of yin yoga, a yoga discipline that cultivates flexibility, stillness, and calm.  She will complete her certification as an Integrated Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in August 2018.  Her areas of particular interest include stress management, personal energy and vitality, and holistic health and beauty.